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Every Dunkin' Iced Coffee, Ranked Worst To Best
Iced Americano
The iced Americano lets you taste Dunkin's espresso in its purest form, as it's just espresso and water over ice, and it does not do well in the spotlight. Unlike other drinks that mask the espresso's shortcomings with milk and flavorings, the iced Americano showcases its incredibly bitter, almost burnt taste.
Shamrock Macchiato
The Shamrock Macchiato is supposed to taste like Irish creme, and Dunkin' even says that you should pick up hints of Irish whiskey flavor, but instead you get an overwhelming artificial flavor when you sip the Shamrock Macchiato. We warn you in the strongest possible terms to not buy this.
Blueberry iced coffee
The blueberry iced coffee is a great example of the concept of just because you can do something doesn't always mean that you should. The incongruity of the coffee and blueberry flavors felt like it broke our brains, they simply did not come together to make a unified flavor experience.
Raspberry iced coffee
The other fruit-flavored syrup from Dunkin' is a substantial improvement over the blueberry. The raspberry flavoring tasted slightly less fake than the blueberry syrup and was milder overall, but the flavoring still didn't seem like it belonged in coffee, and we still wouldn’t recommend it.
Iced macchiato
The unflavored macchiato from Dunkin' has the best balance of milk to coffee out of any of the chain's milk-based espresso drinks, but unfortunately, as noted above, Dunkin' espresso tastes bad. We didn't love the plain macchiato, but it had potential, especially with a shot or two of flavoring syrup.