Exterior of a Costco Wholesale
Every Costco Food Court Item, Ranked Worst To Best
11. Cheese Pizza
Costco’s food hall is a beloved mainstay of the wholesale retailer, but not all items are created equal, like the cheese pizza, which gets last place on this list.
While the upper layer of caramelized cheese looks appetizing, it's covered in grease on closer inspection. The ratio of dough, sauce, and cheese is completely unbalanced.
10. Fruit Smoothie
Costco's food court fruit smoothie is a refreshing option for hot days. It’s cold, not overly sweet, and lower in calories than other items on the menu.
However, compared to other options, the fruit smoothie doesn’t quite cut it. It lacks the taste of fresh fruit and instead tastes like an artificially flavored frozen fruit puree.
9. Cold Brew Mocha Freeze
The Cold Brew Mocha Freeze is thick and has an even consistency, with a strong, robust coffee flavor, but it’s overpowered by a sickly sweetness.
The drink is way too saccharine, with gobs of chocolate, making it better as a coffee-flavored dessert meant to be shared rather than enjoyed by oneself.
8. Caesar Salad
While Costco’s rotisserie chicken is renowned, the same cannot be said of the Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salad, which although quick and healthy, is lackluster.
The chicken is tender, the lettuce is fresh, and while it comes with packaged Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing, croutons are noticeably absent, making this salad middling.
7. Vanilla Sundae
Costco ice cream comes in a cup or a sundae. In a cup, the ice cream’s quality shines, but in a sundae, it is quickly overwhelmed by lackluster toppings.
The sickly-sweet chocolate syrup quickly overpowers the vanilla ice cream. You're better off saving some money and getting a cup of delicious, creamy soft serve.