A tea cup and ingredients for tea
Ethiopian Spiced Tea Is A Delicious Drink That Will Warm You Up From The Inside Out
Ethiopian spiced tea is a unique blend of black tea leaves and a variety of herbs and aromatic fruit skins, including cardamom, citrus peels, cloves, cinnamon, and rosehip.
Once steeped in hot water, the resulting brew has all the best qualities of a perfect cup of tea: full of flavor, aromatic, and wonderfully comforting and warming.
While ready-made Ethiopian spiced tea sachets are available, crafting this tea brew at home is also easy. Just mix Ethiopian black tea leaves with the additions mentioned earlier.
Given its bold flavor profile, you may wish to add some honey or sugar to mellow it out. However, adding milk is discouraged, as it could dilute the tea's unique herbal nuances.
In Ethiopian tradition, tea is often accompanied by sweets. Consider pairing your cup with sweet buns, cakes, or tarts for a more delightful and balanced tasting experience.