Eric Ripert smiling at an event
Eric Ripert’s Most Important Advice When Shopping For Seafood
Renowned chef Eric Ripert knows exactly how to buy the best seafood. In his book "Seafood Simple: A Cookbook," he shares a few tips for you to use when you're out shopping.
Ripert says that a smell test is key. "Fresh fish and seafood should always evoke the smell of a clean, fresh ocean breeze," he writes, rather than smelling fishy.
He further states, "I cannot overstate how important it is to really lean into the power of smell to differentiate between seafood that's fresh and seafood that is past its prime."
Ripert also recommends befriending a fishmonger if you have one around, so you can ask about how fresh the fish is. To ensure freshness, cook seafood the same day you buy it.