Two jello shots topped with whipped cream and chopped nuts
Enter The Creatively Lively World Of Artisanal Jell-O Shots
You may associate Jell-O shots with raging college parties, but professional bartenders around the world are trying to change that stereotype by creating artisanal versions.
Bartenders are turning "fancy" cocktails and ingredients into Jell-O shots to make them more approachable, from wobbly champagne to Negronis to espresso martinis.
Jell-O shots are easily adaptable, so get creative with your own at home. Try jellied wine, pistachio Jell-O with amaretto, or even serve the shots in hollowed-out citrus peels.
Choosing your alcoholic ingredients and Jell-O base isn’t the only way to customize. Add extra infusions and flavorings, garnishes, and other flourishes to your shots.
Keep in mind that certain cocktails won’t directly translate into delicious jelly concoctions, especially more alcohol-heavy drinks that can taste harsh in a more solid form.
Drinks that taste balanced when sipped may not be as nice when chewed and held in the mouth for longer, so experiment with ingredient ratios when adapting recipes to Jello–O form.