Bundt cake on a white plate
Ensure Bundt Cakes Don't Stick To The Pan With This Extra Coating
Ensure your finished Bundt cake comes out perfect with all its decorative edges intact by adding an extra coating of fine powder, like breadcrumbs or nut flour, in the Bundt pan.
Dusting the pan after greasing it forms a barrier between the cooking fat and the batter, preventing the fat from baking into the cake and negating the pan's non-stick benefits.
Breadcrumbs create a pleasant crust that holds onto the shape of the Bundt pan and add some crunch to the exterior while keeping the inside of the dessert nice and moist.
Meanwhile, dusting nut flour over your grease can give you a similar result, with the addition of adding a wonderful nutty flavor to your cake.
Whichever option you choose, evenly coat every ridge of the pan after greasing, then gently tap it to release excess powder. The cake will bake with a beautiful, crusty exterior.