Hands pouring foam into a cup of coffee
Enjoy Hot And Cold Foam With A Simple Nespresso Frother Trick
To easily make foam with a Nespresso frother, quick-press or long-press the button for two seconds on the front of the canister to create velvety hot foam or super-light cold foam.
With the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 frother, simply press the single button once to make a hot foam. The button will turn red to indicate it's on and produce foam in 70-80 seconds.
To make light and airy cold foam, long-press the same button by holding it down for a couple more seconds. It will turn blue and produce foam in about 60 seconds.
Low-fat skim milk produces light, long-lasting cold foam while whole milk makes creamy, thick foam ideal for cappuccinos, lattes, and hot chocolate.