Roasted chicken leg and small potatoes with seasoning in cast iron skillet
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Elevate Your Slow Cooker Chicken With An Easy Potato Addition
Slow-cooked chicken is the definition of comfort, and while you might casually throw some potatoes into a chicken stew, there's a better way to get flavorful spuds and meat.
Layering a bed of potatoes under your chicken in a slower cooker instead of tossing all the ingredients together makes your dinner more delicious with little effort on your part.
You can use any piece of the chicken you prefer, from thighs to legs to even a whole chicken, as well as any kind of potato, from waxy reds to creamy Yukon golds or baby new potatoes.
Halve or quarter larger potatoes for best results, then arrange them in a single layer on the bottom of your crock pot so each potato will be able to touch the chicken.
Set the chicken pieces on top of the potatoes in a single layer, add seasoning and chicken broth, then slow-cook according to the chicken parts you choose.
You'll end up with a filling and delicious dinner, with the chicken adding its savory, meaty, rich juices to the creamy potatoes during cooking for a more cohesive dish.