Medium Rare Fillet Mignon Steak with Herb Garlic Butter
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Elevate Your Next Steak Night By Serving It With 'Board Sauce'
For many diners, a good steak is the ultimate dinner, but always eating the same cuts in the same way can make it feel much less rewarding. To elevate your steak without spending too much effort, consider serving it with a board sauce, a delicious category of sauces for steak that you make right on your cutting board.
Board sauces are herb- and oil-based dressings that can salvage a dry steak or enhance a great one by infusing it with flavor and moisture. After crafting your sauce, you can slice, dress, and serve the meat directly on the cutting board for a visual wow factor, which also lets the steak’s juices combine with the sauce.
For every 2 pounds of meat, use 6 tablespoons of fat (like olive oil or vegetable oils) plus 2 tablespoons of fresh, chopped herbs, which you can chop and mix with the fat right on your cutting board, of course. Other great additions include chili peppers, smashed garlic, vinegar, mustard, or something sweet like honey.