Biscuits and gravy on a plate with bacon
Elevate Your Biscuits And Gravy Using A Single Fresh Ingredient
You can transform your biscuits and gravy by adding fresh herbs to the sausage gravy. This easy addition will amplify and complement the herbal notes in your sausage.
The earthy and bold notes of fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme should be used to enhance but not overpower the flavors in your biscuits and gravy.
To maintain the aromatic integrity of the fresh ingredients, add them into the pan only after you've finished fully cooking your sausage.
Keep your simmer low and slow. If you like smoky flavors, throw a hint of paprika in with a few leaves of fresh basil for a well-balanced blend of rich spiciness.
Another great pairing is rosemary and chicken sausage gravy, as the fresh ingredient will bring out the herbal flavor already present in the sausage.