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Elevate The Flavor Of Vanilla Cookies With Cardamom
Vanilla and cinnamon are a classic combo in desserts, especially in cookies, but for a sweet-spicy flavor you may not have tried before, look no further than vanilla and cardamom.
Cardamom lends a spicy, earthy, and slightly floral kick to baked goods that brings out the sweetness and warmth of vanilla, especially good quality vanilla bean pods.
To incorporate cardamom into your next batch of vanilla cookies, start with one teaspoon and add more to taste if desired. Go slowly so you don't overpower the vanilla.
To finish, dust your cookies with sparkling or turbinado sugar, or make a flavorful icing by whisking together powdered sugar, vanilla extract, cardamom, and a splash of milk.
A dash of cardamom can also transform other vanilla-flavored desserts, from cakes to puddings to ice cream, all of which will pair perfectly with a steaming mug of chai tea.