A tall glass of iced tea with a lemon wedge
Elevate Iced Black Tea With A Fresh Herbal Infusion
As summer heats up, you might be craving a glass of iced tea to cool down by the pool. However, iced tea often winds up with a sky-high sugar content that makes it less hydrating.
For a healthier tea, try to kick up the flavor with herbs instead of sweeteners. Herbs like mint and lavender create a truly unique iced tea, even if you use plain old black tea.
While white or green teas are typically used for herbal infusions, bold black tea is a great contrast to delicate herbs. Mix and match teas and herbs to create perfect pairings.
Ceylon, for example, is a bright-tasting tea that can be made even more refreshing when paired with citrus-like herbs, such as lemongrass or lemon verbena.
A delicate tea like Darjeeling, meanwhile, contrasts nicely with floral herbs like rose hips or geraniums. With these herbal infusions, you won't miss the heaps of sugar or honey.