Freshly baked buns (pampushki) with garlic and dill for the first course (soup) on a baking tray. National Ukrainian dish, food. Selective focus.
Elevate Frozen Dinner Rolls With An All-In-One Seasoning
Ready-made dinner rolls from the store can be elevated to impress with a simple swipe of a seasoned egg wash made with herbs, blends, and other mix-ins.
Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel sesame seasoning is perfect for the egg wash, or create your own blend with your favorite dried herbs, seeds, or chopped nuts.
Whether using an air fryer or a conventional oven, let the frozen dough thaw as you prepare your flavorful egg wash with seasonings and mix-ins.
Brush the surface of each roll with the egg mixture with two or three coats, and bake as instructed on the package or as you usually would without the egg wash.
Top the freshly baked buns with extra sprinkles of cheese or herbs for even more flavor, and it will be hard to determine if the rolls are store-bought or homemade.