Grilled Cheese Sandwich's on Bread
Elevate Classic Grilled Cheese With A Slather Of Mostarda
Mostarda is an Italian condiment combining mustard and fresh and dried fruit into a chutney-like consistency with fruity and spicy flavors that ignite your tastebuds.
Since mostarda is a delicious addition to cheese boards, it'll taste fantastic on grilled cheese. When using it, spread it over both bread slices before piling on your cheese.
Put the slices together and place them on the griddle. Cook until the sandwich is golden brown on the outside and gooey on the inside so the mostarda and cheese fuse together.
It's important to choose the right cheese pairing. If you have an apple mostarda, use white cheddar to complement the sweetness with savory notes.
If you use mostarda with pears as its base, make your grilled cheese with a nutty, young gouda. While it is labor-intensive, you can make mostarda at home.
Macerate the fruit of choice in sugar several times until it's a thick syrup before adding mustard. Then simmer the fruit in the mustardy syrup to finish.