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Eggnog's Key Ingredients Once Symbolized Prosperity
Though eggnog has been a classic holiday beverage for centuries, some drinkers just can't get behind this thick concoction made with raw eggs and plenty of dairy. Perhaps it makes sense that such a decadent beverage originated as a special treat during lean times, during which eggnog's ingredients symbolized prosperity.
Though the name "eggnog" dates back to the late 18th century, the beverage predates this era by a few hundred years, and most historians agree that the drink is descended from a drink called posset. The eggs, milk, and the sherry in posset were consumed solely by the wealthy, so its descendant, eggnog, became a symbol of good fortune.
By the time eggnog came to the new world, the abundance of farmland in Colonial America had made milk and eggs more accessible, introducing the drink to a wider audience. Eggnog has become a key part of the holiday season, and while you no longer have to be wealthy to enjoy it, the drink's flavor and texture remain uniquely rich.