Syrup being poured onto cinnamon rolls
Eggnog Is The Secret To Give Store-Bought Cinnamon Rolls A Festive Boost
Incorporating eggnog into cinnamon rolls yields rich, fluffy rolls with a custard and vanilla flavor that's lightly sweet and spicy from festive ingredients like nutmeg and cloves.
Start by placing the raw rolls on a greased baking dish without leaving too much space between them. Pour the eggnog over the rolls, letting the excess pool on the dish's bottom.
Once you've thoroughly soaked each roll in the eggnog, top each roll with about a tablespoon of butter and a heaping dusting of cinnamon and bake them as you normally would.
With the addition of eggnog, you'll have moist, fluffy, big rolls and a lightly caramelized texture on the pan's bottom that imparts a diverse sweetness and texture to the rolls.