Closeup of roasted potatoes
Egg Whites Are The Secret For Deliciously Crispy Potatoes
Egg whites, which act as both a binding agent and a textural enhancement, are the secret ingredient that guarantees the crispiest potatoes every time.
All you have to do is whisk a couple of egg whites until they become white and fluffy, then toss the raw potatoes in the mixture to coat them using a bowl or colander.
Just as egg whites transform into an airy, crunchy meringue as their water content dries up in the oven, they'll also provide a crunchy coating for your roasted potatoes.
Furthermore, egg whites will create a sticky surface that your seasonings can cling to. Consequently, you won't need to use oil or any other fat to coat the potatoes.
This hack works best on small potatoes, such as red bliss and butterballs. However, for large potatoes like russets, just be sure to thinly slice them to expose their flesh.
Finally, assemble them on a baking sheet, making sure to space them out. Bake them between 425 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit until they’re golden brown and crispy.