A glass of beer with foam splashing out of the top.
Edna's Lunchbox Is The Hybrid Beer Drink You Should Be Aware Of
The unusual Edna's Lunchbox cocktail consists of a shot of amaretto, freshly-squeezed orange juice, and half a bottle of a light beer stirred together in a frosty pint glass.
The ice-cold pint glass is essential, and should be chilled in the freezer for at least an hour before mixing. An orange wheel garnish is optional, but adds a nice colorful touch.
The amaretto adds sophistication and an almond-sweet flair, similar to the Bocce Ball cocktail. But the Lunchbox isn't meant for sipping — it's meant to be downed like a shot.
This hybrid beer drink started at Edna's in Oklahoma City, the bar which gave the cocktail its name. Founder Edna Scott created the Lunchbox while trying to make a different drink.
Today, the bar is run by Edna's daughter Tammy Lucas and features at least 12 versions of the Lunchbox. You'll want to stop by if you love cocktails with orange juice.