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Each Hershey's Bar Flavor, Ranked Worst To Best
13. Birthday Cake
Part of Hershey’s Ice Cream Shoppe line, this bar tastes like a vanilla Lip Smackers. It has an overly sweet, chemical flavor with sprinkles that don't improve on the bar at all.
12. Cotton Candy
Also part of the Ice Cream Shoppe line, Hershey’s Cotton Candy bar does taste like cotton candy, but it's too sweet with no delightful fluffy cotton candy texture to save it.
11. Strawberries ‘n’ Creme
Hershey’s Strawberries ‘n’ Creme has a sickly pink color and a flavor like ridiculously sweet, cheap strawberry yogurt. It's hard to eat the whole thing, to say the least.
10. Zero Sugar with Almonds
These individually-wrapped chocolates have that off-putting artificial sweetness that comes with sugar-free sweeteners, though the almonds do provide a nice textural contrast.
9. Salted Caramel
Salted caramel is normally delicious with chocolate, but this bar's sweetness is so intense that the salt can’t balance it out, though it tastes less fake than some other bars.