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Duplicate Thomas Keller's Famous Whipped Brie With Only 2 Ingredients
Thomas Keller serves a legendary whipped brie at his Michelin-starred restaurant The French Laundry. This creamy and buttery spread is topped with port, figs, and fleur de sel.
TikTok users have simplified this dish so you can make it yourself at home and even add your own flavorings and toppings. The recipe requires just two ingredients: brie and honey.
To make whipped brie, remove the white rind from the cheese, cut the cheese into cubes, place it in your blender, and whip it on high until it is smooth, thick, and creamy.
A pro tip, you want your brie cold when you cut the rind off. However, it needs to be at room temp before you begin whipping.
Place the whipped brie in a bowl and drizzle it with honey and you are ready to serve. You can also top it with berries, jams, or even savory elements like herbs or bacon.
In the TikTok video, the cheese is spread on sourdough, but you can choose whatever base you like to serve with this cheese.