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Dunkin' Plans To Expand Its At-Home Options With A New Cold Brew Line
Donuts are only half of the story at Dunkin', since the chain is arguably just as well-known for its beverage and even sells its own coffee products on grocery store shelves. A December 2022 announcement from Dunkin' reveals that the company plans to expand its at-home coffee line with all-new cold brew products.
Mark Smucker, CEO of the J.M. Smucker Co., which produces Dunkin'-branded coffees, has announced that the brand will eventually roll out ready-to-consume cold brew coffee. He says that consumers want products that can recreate the coffeehouse experience, likely referring to grab-and-go, ready-made drinks at any time.
While the ready-to-drink products are slated to debut in 2023, the Dunkin' At Home website says that they currently offer three cold coffee options and three hot coffee options. "Cold" options include ground coffee that can be brewed hot and poured over ice, cold brew coffee packs for overnight steeping, and K-cup pods.