Oven with its door open
Dryer Sheets Are The Unexpected Secret To Pristine Oven Racks
When paired with dish soap, the chemicals and softeners in laundry dryer sheets can help soften and break down grime on oven racks with less effort on your part.
Clean your oven racks in your bathtub, laundry sink, or other container that can fit them. Place a towel at the bottom of your cleaning vessel and several dryer sheets on top.
Place the oven racks on top of the sheets and fill the tub with warm water until the racks are fully submerged. Add a quarter to half cup of dish soap and let it sit overnight.
If your racks are too large for any containers, put them in a large trash bag. Fill it with warm water and add the dryer sheet-dish soap combo, tie it, and place it under the sun.
The next day, gently scrub the racks with a sponge or a used dryer sheet to get rid of all the grime. Rinse and air-dry the racks thoroughly before reinstalling them in the oven.