Roasted vegetables on baking sheet
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Dry Roasting Will Transform The Taste Of Your Go-To Vegetables
Roasting vegetables make for a quick and easy way to transform your favorite veggies and give them a sweet, earthy, and complex flavor. However, if you really want to enjoy your roasted vegetables in their purest form, you should know that tossing or drizzling them with oil may not be necessary — you can dry roast them instead.
Ditching the oil and dry roasting vegetables can allow their innate flavor to shine all by itself, and produce even a more complex, nuanced profile. If you feel like you're going to miss a richer flavor, dry roasted veggies can be tossed with a fat like butter, olive oil, or aioli so they drink up the flavorful fat and taste even more incredible.
You can also dress dry roasted veggies with vinaigrette or work them into other dishes like dips, spreads, soup bases, breakfast scrambles, grain bowls, or even the filling for a pumpkin or squash pie. Without masking the flavor of your veggies with oil, you can make something delicious with a lot less oven splatter and cleanup.