Slices of pork
Dry Aging Pork Shoulder Is The Key To Unbeatable Flavor
Grilling, smoking, and braising are all excellent techniques for cooking pork, but if you want to take your skills up a level, try dry aging your pork for unmatched flavor.
Dry aging is a centuries-old technique that is essentially a controlled decomposition of the meat in a room with controlled temperature, humidity, and air circulation.
While you may already be familiar with dry-aged beef, pork especially benefits from dry aging thanks to the rich flavors it imparts.
To do it yourself, you’ll need to keep the meat just above freezing with plenty of air circulation and enough humidity that the pork doesn’t dry out.
You can use your fridge, but a separate mini fridge is a good way to prevent cross-contamination with other foods. Let it age for about a month before you eat it.