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Drip Coffee Maker Vs Keurig: Which One Makes A Better Cup Of Coffee?
Drip Coffee Maker
We need to explain what a drip coffee maker is before comparing it to a Keurig. Drip coffee makers use a filter containing ground coffee placed in a hopper, plus a reservoir filled with water, and the machine heats the water and sprays it over the grounds so the coffee can drip through the filter basket into the carafe below.
A Keurig is a single-serve coffee machine that uses a “K-Cup” filled with ground coffee, which is placed in the machine along with water. Keurig coffee makers use hot water and pressure to extract flavor from the grounds inside the K-Cups, which is then sprayed into a coffee cup placed below the machine’s nozzle.
The quality of your Keurig coffee depends on where you get your K-Cups, which vary widely in flavor. Keurig’s own branded cups include lines like “Green Mountain,” but some of the best come from brands like Dunkin’ and Starbucks, while others like Folgers and Eight ‘O’ Clock have a reputation for being bland.
Bad Drip Coffee
Unlike with the automatic Keurig, it’s easy to make a mistake with drip coffee, such as using stale, flavorless pre-ground coffee. You can grind your own beans, but grinding them too fine or too coarse will lead to bitter or sour coffee, and that’s not including the trouble in figuring out the right amount of water.
Light Coffee Drinkers
If you’re the sort of person who is busy, happy to take a shortcut, and not a coffee connoisseur, then the quick and uncomplicated Keurig may be best for you. K-Cups can be stored for months, and the wide variety and single serving size allows you to easily serve different flavors to multiple people.