Potato pancakes on plate on cloth on wood surface with sour cream, a knife, and a fork
Draniki Is Belarus's Tasty Kind Of Classic Potato Pancakes
Crispy shredded potatoes are irresistible, and many countries have their own version of shredded potato pancakes. In Belarus, draniki is a beloved potato dish.
Draniki is actually the national dish of Belarus. To make it, shredded potatoes are pan-fried into thin, circular shapes, dolloped with sour cream, and served in a large stack.
Draniki represents Belarus's affinity for the potato, and originated when the country was ruled by tsarist Russia. The dish was first mentioned in print in 1830.
The pancakes are often paired with stews, or even served with jam as a dessert. Some recipes include additions like onions and carrots, minced meat, and spices.
The ingredients are mixed together, then scoops of the mixture are placed in hot oil and flattened. Once both sides are brown and crispy, the draniki can be stacked and served.