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Double Espresso Vs Gran Lungo Nespresso Pods: What's The Difference?
Nespresso’s double espresso offerings and gran lungo blends are both espresso, but each has been enhanced in their own specific ways that make them different from each other.
A double shot refers to two shots of espresso rather than a single shot. In a Nespresso pod, that means double the amount of ground coffee and double the amount of water.
Instead of using standard 1.35-ounce espresso pods, you'll be popping in a 2.7-ounce double espresso pod. The options for this style are Double Espresso Chiaro, Scuro, or Dolce.
On the other hand, the gran lungo pods pull more hot water into the espresso in order to dilute it, with the intent being a milder rendition of espresso, similar to an Americano.
When it comes to Nespresso's gran lungo, the pods produce about 5 ounces of diluted espresso available in four varieties: Inizio, Arondio, Fortado, and Fortado Decaffeinato.