Simmering strawberries for jam
Don't Waste The Foam You Skim From Homemade Jam, Dehydrate And Eat It
Making jam at home is a delicious DIY project, and if you get creative with the foam that bubbles at the surface of the boiling jam, you can make a bonus treat.
Many recipes call for skimming and discarding the foam that forms as the jam simmers. Instead of discarding this byproduct, you can dehydrate it for a waste-free snack.
Simply skim the foam from the top of the jam and spread it on a dehydrator tray or baking sheet. Dehydrate it at a low temperature for six to eight hours.
The drying time may vary depending on the moisture content and thickness of the foam, but once finished, you'll have a flavorful fruit leather to enjoy as a snack.
You can also continue dehydrating the fruit leather until it becomes brittle for a crunchy, candy-like texture. You can use either of these treats in baked goods or on ice cream.