Apple-flavored cocktail
Don't Throw Out Your Apple Peels — Make Infused Bourbon Instead
Bourbon lovers will be happy to know that you can use leftover apple peels to dress up a less-than-stellar bottle of bourbon and make apple-flavored bourbon.
Apple peels will infuse bourbon with a subtle, fruity undertone, creating a bourbon infusion whose sweetness is reminiscent of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple.
Apple peels are packed with antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols so you're also giving your bourbon a nutritional boost while recycling food scraps.
For a 750-milliliter bottle of bourbon, you'll need the peels from six to seven apples. Grab
a large jar and submerge the peels in the bourbon to "age"
for two days.
After two days, strain out any seasonings you decide to include. A week later, strain out the apple peels and enjoy it neat or mix it into bourbon-based cocktails.