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Don't Rely Solely On Alcohol To Kill Bacteria When Marinating Meat
Marinating meat is a great way to keep it juicy and flavorful, but the meat must be refrigerated while marinating to prevent bacterial growth and foodborne illness. However, some cooks believe that if they use alcohol to marinate their meat, they don’t have to worry about bacteria — but liquor is not a foolproof antiseptic.
According to Healthline, a substance must contain an incredibly high amount of alcohol by volume — about 60 to 90 percent — to kill germs. This is why rubbing alcohol is an effective disinfectant, but alcohols that are meant to be consumed, such as bourbon, whiskey, or wine, are not powerful enough to eliminate harmful bacteria.
A splash of drinking alcohol in your marinade will not kill dangerous germs that reside on raw meat, such as salmonella, E. coli, yersinia, and others. No matter what you mix into your marinade, keep the meat refrigerated while it soaks up the flavors and cook it to the right internal temperature to make sure no one gets sick.