Wooden bowl of vodka sauce
Don't Rely On Cream And Butter Alone For Lavish Vodka Sauce
Laden with cream and butter, vodka sauce is a decadent pasta pairing. If you find all that fat to be overwhelming, try this ingredient swap for a lighter yet flavorful take.
Instead of relying solely on cream and butter, create a luxuriously creamy vodka sauce by cutting these ingredients with some parmesan cheese and pasta water.
The parmesan adds a sharp, umami flavor to the dish that perfectly complements the tomatoes while creating a thick sauce thanks to its emulsifying properties.
Meanwhile, the starch of the pasta water acts as a natural binding agent, blending the flavors while creating a smooth, creamy sauce that clings to the pasta.
Make a vodka sauce as usual, but use half a cup of heavy cream instead of a whole cup, plus half a cup of pasta water. Mix in grated parmesan and a bit of butter to finish.