Pot of potato soup topped with bacon, shredded cheddar, and green onions
Don't Pass On Gremolata In Your Next Batch Of Potato Leek Soup
Soups always take center stage as the weather gets colder, and for fans of a classic potato leek soup, gremolata is the unconventional garnish that deserves a try.
Potato leek soup, a French staple with a hearty texture and mild onion flavor, benefits from the bright, zesty, and toothsome mix of green herbs in Italian gremolata.
A relative of pesto, gremolata is an herbaceous condiment made of chopped parsley, garlic, and lemon zest that are pounded into a paste. Just a dollop will transform your soup.
While you can customize gremolata with extra herbs, chiles, or breadcrumbs, for potato leek soup, you’ll want to stay close to the basic recipe so it doesn't outshine the soup.
Traditional gremolata adds a bright, herbal freshness to the potatoes and leeks. If you do want to be creative, autumnal herbs like thyme and sage will complement the soup.