Woman turn setting button on new built-in electric oven, choosing temperature for cooking and select time for baking food. Female using microwave with defrosting and grilling mode
Don't Overlook Your Oven’s 'Delay Start' Function
The "Delay Start" button on your oven is a useful tool you might not know about. It lets you set an exact time for your oven to start heating up, at any temperature you choose.
You can speed up meal prep on busy nights by setting the oven to start preheating just before you arrive home. It can also help you focus on other tasks when entertaining.
The "Delay Start" button also prevents the mistake of forgetting to turn the oven on during the commotion of your dinner party, which would delay the meal for all your guests.
Though not every stove comes with the feature (sorry, gas appliance owners), if your oven has a digital screen and clock feature, it will also typically have a delay start option.
If you're prone to accidentally burning your food, inspect your oven's timer. It might have an option that turns off the oven at a set time, similar to a "Delay Start" button.