Breaded tuna cakes with dipping sauce
Don't Make Tuna Cakes Without The Right Type Of Breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs come in various textures and sizes, and while it might seem like you can use any kind of breadcrumbs as a binder in dishes like tuna cakes, this isn't true.
Using fine breadcrumbs in tuna patties can cause them to fall apart. Panko, an airier, crunchier type of crumb, is drier, so it won't get soggy when mixed into the fish.
Panko also turns more crisp when fried. To make panko, pulse dry white bread in a food processor to form flakes, then pop the crumbs in the oven for a few minutes to crisp up.
Mix the panko with drained canned tuna, green onions, eggs, mayo, salt, and Old Bay seasoning. Form the mixture into patties and chill them thoroughly in the fridge.
In a heated skillet coated in olive oil, cook the cakes on each side for four minutes and remove when browned. Enjoy with tartar sauce or Dijon mustard for a tasty seafood treat.