An opened fridge filled with food
Don't Make This Risky Mistake When Shutting Your Refrigerator Door
In order for your fridge to function optimally, you need to be sure that the rubber seal on the fridge door is tightly sealed when you close the door.
According to the FDA, refrigerators should maintain a cold interior of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve food.
If you mistakenly fail to shut the fridge door completely, cold air escapes, and warm air from the outside gets in.
Fridge temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit are dangerous because bacteria can quickly develop and multiply, risking food spoilage and food poisoning.
Always ensure the rubber strip on the refrigerator door perfectly touches the fridge body to seal the door opening completely.
To be safe, you can pull the fridge door as if trying to open it again; you should feel some resistance due to the magnetic gasket.
Also, avoid cramming your refrigerator shelves and door— commonly done with produce — as the food overflow can push on the door and interfere with sealing.