UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 27: New York-style eggs benedict with bacon. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
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Don't Make This Last-Minute Eggs Benedict Mistake
Few breakfast meals are as delectable and beloved as a traditional eggs benedict, but a few wrong moves can ruin all your efforts. There’s one component of making eggs benedict in particular that many forget to consider, and it’s one that can destroy your progress right at the very last minute.
The tricky component of an eggs benedict is poaching an egg, but the poaching isn’t usually where things go wrong, it’s being too rough with the egg after it’s cooked. Luckily, unlike hollandaise sauce, there’s an easy fix that helps you avoid breaking a poached egg.
Pastry chef Duff Goldman says to take the eggs out of the pot as carefully as possible, and instead of shaking off any excess water, let it drain at its own pace. Downshiftology’s Lisa Bryan seconds this advice, as she scoops her egg out with a slotted spoon
and holds it still while it drains.