Freshly baked chocolate croissants
Don't Make This Error With Fresh Baked Goods At The Grocery Store
When grocery shopping, it’s important to respect the store's employees, no matter if you're in a huge rush or badly want a certain item right this minute.
In a Reddit post asking Costco workers what kind of customer habits annoy them, several answered that shoppers often grab items when employees are in the middle of restocking.
Workers complain of customers invading their personal space and disrupting their work just to grab baked goods like muffins the second they're put up on the shelves.
One user pointed out that bakery goods that are currently being put on shelves are not any fresher than what's already there. All the goods were likely made at the same time.
Similarly, restocked deli sandwiches, rotisserie chickens, and produce might not be "new," either. Restocking is all about restoring an item's availability, not freshness.
If you want the freshest items, visit the store when it opens, or inquire about restocking schedules. Don't get in an employee's way to grab items they're trying to organize.