Cheeses stacked into a tower
Don't Be Reluctant To Grill A Wheel Of Cheese This Summer
Grilled cheese might bring to mind gooey slices of cheese between toasted bread, but it’s well worth it to literally grill a whole wheel of cheese for a delicious summer appetizer.
You’ve probably heard of grilled halloumi, a Greek cheese that's firm and squeaky, but fresh, or soft-ripened cheese also goes great on the grill next to your burgers or hot dogs.
The grill enhances the cheese's creaminess and imparts a slightly smoky flavor. However, the wheel of cheese should have a relatively sturdy rind to protect it.
Brie and Camembert are obvious choices, but you can also choose the harder Gruyère, or even the runny and pungent French cheese Epoisses de Bourgogne.
Brush the cheese's rind with olive oil and put it on the grill over indirect heat. For more complexity, add smoky hickory or floral cherry wood chips to your blaze.
Cook the wheel for about two minutes on each side. Once the cheese becomes soft on the inside, take it off the grill and serve with toasted baguette slices.