Sushi futomaki rolls with sushi, lettuce and spring onion, held with bright blue chopsticks against and orange background
Don't Ask For Additional Soy Sauce At A Good Sushi Restaurant
Chefs at high-end sushi bars meticulously plan out everything about a meal, from the type of sushi to its serving temperature to how it is garnished for optimum flavor.
This is why there is a strict sushi rule that you shouldn't ask for extra soy sauce, which will drown out the carefully-prepared sushi or knock the flavors out of balance.
There are many other rules at the high-end sushi spots, such as guests not choosing what they eat, which is the job of the chef. Wearing perfume and cologne may also be banned.
Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in Tokyo writes on its website that separating the fish from the rice in sushi is the "greatest insult," so add that to your list of faux pas to avoid.