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Doing This Simple Step Will Make Your Air Fryer Food Golden Brown
The air fryer is a kitchen appliance beloved by many, known for being great at making foods crisp and crunchy without all the oil and fat. Unfortunately, while the air fryer is a wonderful appliance to cook with, it’s not so great at making food the golden brown color many of us are used to.
Luckily, there’s a simple trick to give your air-fried foods a good browning. While Reader’s Digest and Taste of Home both suggest using cooking spray, you should think twice before grabbing an aerosol spray, as it can cause the coating on the air fryer basket to flake off — potentially onto your food.
As an alternative to using a can of aerosol cooking spray, you can buy an oil sprayer, instead — some air fryers even come with an oil sprayer. You can use this to spray both the basket and the food you plan to cook to prevent sticking and to get browning on the food.