A drop of juice dripping from a slice of lemon
Does The Viral Toothpick Method For Juicing A Lemon Actually Work?
TikToker Gerson Repreza has shared a viral lemon juicing hack that calls for sticking a toothpick into the stem end of the lemon to make a hole and then squeezing the juice out.
This essentially turns the lemon into a makeshift bottle of juice that squirts out cleanly and accurately. However, it won't extract all of the lemon's juice.
It also requires a much greater effort to squeeze the juice out than squeezing each piece of one that's been sliced. So, this method does work, just not that well.
Squeezing a whole lemon doesn't crush it the way slicing does, trapping a lot of juice inside. However, if you just need a small amount of lemon juice, this hack can be useful.