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Does Storing Wine Bottles Horizontally Actually Make A Difference?
There's nothing like a fine wine to go alongside a meticulously prepared steak dinner—in fact, wine can complement almost any meal and really up its enjoyability. However, if you've invested a little bit of money in your wine, particularly if those bottles are vintage and have a cork, you might want to store them correctly.
As it turns out, storing your wine bottles horizontally may be the way to go as the method helps keep the cork moist, which can prevent premature aging. While the screw tops are less likely to have these issues, horizontal storage also saves space and makes it easy to grab the bottle of your choice when you are ready to crack it open.
However, if you prefer storing your wines vertically, you shouldn’t fret much either, as experts at Science Focus revealed that a wine bottle containing wine always has "almost 100% humidity." They concluded that as long as there is wine in the bottle, the cork will not dry out and shrink—so vertical storers can enjoy their wine all the same.