Pouring a glass of whisky with ice from a decanter, in a dark background.
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Does Soda Water Work Well As A Mixer With Bourbon?
Bourbon is a whisky made up of at least 51% corn that’s most commonly enjoyed on its own or combined with a mixer, such as soda water. Soda water is simply carbonated water, and while it may be the de facto neutrally-flavored mixer in many cocktails, there's debate surrounding whether or not it should be mixed with bourbon.
You can mix many sodas with bourbon, but soda water is the only one that won't interfere too drastically with the taste of a fine spirit, not to mention that flavored sodas are full of overwhelmingly sweet sugar. However, if your goal is to taste, feel, and smell every note of the whiskey, soda water still isn't a great choice.
Plain water is the best mixer for bourbon if you want to change the whiskey as little as possible. For the best bourbon and soda water, add about 50 millimeters of your favorite bourbon with club soda or seltzer water in a highball glass full of ice, while Coke or Mountain Dew work the best when mixing flavored soda with bourbon.