Nespresso pods on a cutting board next to a glass of brewed coffee on a nespresso machine
Does Nespresso Have A Rewards Program For US Customers?
Though Nespresso does offer a loyalty program in other parts of the world, there isn’t one in the U.S. They do offer U.S. customers rewards, but they're a bit underwhelming.
According to a customer writing on the subreddit r/Nespresso, all that is offered as of March 2024 is a discount on a sleeve of capsules when eight to 10 sleeves are purchased.
You can also get a free sleeve when seven sleeves are ordered on a recurring basis every month. Further, the ability to try new flavors within this program is limited, they report.
Nespresso does have other programs meant to incentivize loyalty in the U.S. Every customer has a unique referral number that provides a discount to the purchaser and code holder.