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Does Microwaving Food Impact Its Nutritional Value?
The microwave oven is the easiest and quickest way to heat up food, but rumors have swirled that the radiation used by this appliance is bad for you. Today, most of us know that the microwave won't damage your wellbeing, so long as you use it properly, but you may still wonder if the microwave will damage the nutritional benefits of your food.
Cooking food always breaks down some of its nutrients, no matter which technique you use, but the microwave is one of the gentler methods. The longer the food cooks, the more nutrients it loses, and since the microwave heats up food quickly, it doesn't damage nutrition any more than other short and gentle cooking techniques do.
When compared to prolonged, high-heat cooking methods such as boiling, the microwave can actually help vegetables retain more vitamin C and glucosinolate, a cancer-fighting compound found in cabbage, broccoli, and more. You can use the microwave with peace of mind knowing you don't have to trade healthiness for convenience.