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Does Licorice Candy Actually Contain Real Licorice?
We know licorice best as a candy today, but it’s actually a naturally occurring herb that was turned into candy when some people liked its bittersweet taste. However, you may wonder if the licorice in your “licorice” candy is the real stuff or something else.
Your licorice-flavored candy is probably flavored with the anise plant, as aniseed oil tastes similar to licorice, and tends to be cheaper. Other components might also be mixed in to alter the flavor or appearance of your “licorice,” and the actual base of the candy may be gelatin, gum arabic, or flour.
Red licorice however, is something of a misnomer, as it is usually cherry, raspberry, or strawberry-flavored, as well as containing colorants and additional flavors. Red licorice seems to be less controversial than its less vibrant counterpart, but it’s important to keep in mind that when someone says they don’t like black licorice, it likely just means they don’t like candy flavored with aniseed oil.