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Does In-N-Out Sell A ‘Monkey-Style’ Burger?
In-N-Out is revered throughout the West Coast of the United States, and along with its delicious offerings, In-N-Out is famous for popularizing the concept of a secret menu. While their most popular secret menu item is their animal-style fries, some have covertly whispered about another secret menu offering.
You may have heard whispers of a “monkey-style” burger at In-N-Out, and while it’s not a real secret menu item, you can make it a reality. The legend of the monkey-style burger began about a decade ago when a food blogger posted a video in which he purportedly ordered a monkey-style burger, which is essentially a burger topped with animal-style fries.
In response to the post, In-N-Out Vice President, Carl Van Fleet, released a statement saying “there is no such thing” as the monkey-style burger, and the company was in fact “unable” to prepare burgers that way. However, if you want to try a monkey-style burger it’s fairly easy to whip up yourself, just order a burger and animal-style fries and mash them together.