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Does Balsamic Vinegar Go Bad?
Fans of balsamic vinegar can't imagine their salad dressings, glazes, and marinades without it, thanks to its truly singular aroma and distinctly sweet flavor to temper its acidic kick. Aging is an important part of producing many balsamic vinegars, so one might imagine that this product never goes bad, but this is unfortunately not true.
The good news is that open balsamic vinegar has a very long shelf life — you can keep using your vinegar for three to five years past its sell-by date, so long as you store it properly. Keep your bottle in a cool, dark environment like a cupboard or pantry with no direct light, heat, or moisture, which can cause the vinegar to deteriorate.
Meanwhile, unopened bottles of balsamic vinegar can last indefinitely, but only if you keep them in optimal storage conditions, just like an opened bottle. As tempting as it may be to display a beautiful bottle of aged balsamic vinegar on your sunny kitchen counter, don't risk it, lest you ruin the vinegar before its shelf life is even up.