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Dodge A Sweet Surprise When Ordering Starbucks Iced Coffee
If you don’t like sugar in your iced Starbucks coffee, be sure to specify that you want it unsweetened, as they automatically add classic syrup to regular iced coffee drinks.
If you want to use the proper Starbucks lingo, specifically ask for an "iced coffee without classic" or an "unsweetened iced coffee" to get your syrup-free drink.
Starbucks sweetens its iced coffee with its own version of a simple syrup that contains 80 calories per 30-milliliter serving. It’s basically sugar and water in syrup form.
According to the Starbucks menu, three pumps of its classic syrup go into a tall (small) iced coffee, four in a grande (medium), and six in a venti (large) iced coffee.
For less sweet coffee, ask for fewer pumps of classic syrup in your iced coffee, or switch to Splenda. If you want flavor, ask for caramel, hazelnut, toffee nut, or vanilla syrup.