Pieces of brownies on parchment paper
Doctor Up Your Brownie Mix With A Single Can Of Soda
Soda isn’t just for drinking by itself. It lends a sweetness and complexity to various recipes for braises, pot roasts, tomato sauce, and now brownies, as seen on TikTok.
Brownie mix gets a boost from Dr. Pepper. The carbon dioxide in the soda helps the batter rise to make your dessert rich and moist, while imparting a hint of sweet flavor.
You can use a whole can of Dr. Pepper to replace eggs and fat in your brownie mix, but if you also include the eggs and oil, only use ¼ cup of soda.
Stir the soda into the mix with your other ingredients and bake it up for a fantastic treat. You can even use cherry Dr. Pepper, other colas like Coke, or root beer.